Through Wind and Cold

When we scheduled this session, we thought, “SURELY it will be warm enough for outdoor photos by then!” and, this winter ahem spring, just won’t seem to get with it. This gorgeous family of 3 didn’t even let it ruffle their scarves.  They were fabulous even in the wind and cold on that April morning.  The sun even showed its face every once in awhile!  Seriously, isn’t this little one a doll baby?


Boys Will Be Boys

I’m a mom of boys.  If you are too, you get that life is it’s own level of crazy.  I wouldn’t say that it is by any means MORE crazy than raising girls…just a different kind of crazy.  And it’s a GOOD sort of crazy 🙂

When my good friend, Tricia, asked me to schedule a family session for them, I was so excited.  Excited because their boys are wildly creative, outgoing, witty, and quick.  Number one, I knew it would be a TON of FUN, and number two, I knew that if I was successful in this session as I start my business, I would be READY for just about anything 😉


In The Beginning

Christmas morning.  The year doesn’t matter, because then you’ll know exactly how old I am, and, nuh uh….we’re not getting that close on my first ever bloggy post.  🙂  🙂  But, that was the day I unwrapped my very first Nikon.  It was an N65, to be exact.  A big, glorious (okay, slightly ugly), silver (gah!), FILM SLR.  Boy, was I pumped.  I mean, that was a grown up gift, and I was only a teenager.  That proved to be the launch of a passion for creating art through the lens.  It was doubly exciting, getting to wait to see my images after the film was developed.  We had to go pick it up from the Video store in my small town that smelled like dark room chemicals….ahhhh.

Photography has always been a passion, but as an artist, I have dabbled in MANY different media.  I majored in Meteorology (seriously!) at Purdue for all of a semester, before I realized that my life, my gifts, were and always will be in the arts.  I pursued a degree in Art Education from Purdue instead.  It turned out to be one of the best stumbled-upon ideas I’ve ever had.  The darkroom in the old Purdue ‘barracks’ became one of my very favorite campus spots.  (I still remember the knock on the double doors to the darkroom ritual).  At the time, it was still just something I enjoyed.  I had no intention of trying to make it a career.

This is my story of how one Nikon led to two more.  This is the story of how we’ll be creating art from your beautiful family’s image…To Be Continued.

A recent photo of my childhood tree house

A recent photo of my childhood tree house