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What should I wear?

The ever-troubling question, especially if you’re a mom and you’re reading this, and are planning everyone else’s outfits too.  Dress as yourselves.  You know you don’t all wear a black shirt on the same day to show your unity 😉  You don’t have to do that in your photos either.  Wear what is comfortable, and coordinate your colors for fun.  Try to avoid large logos and numbers.  Don’t make your kid wear a three-piece suit.  Sometimes the best photos are taken with the simplest of outfits.  Still at a loss?  Try this.

Where should we go?

Now this is fun.  Look for a spot that reflects how you like to relax.  Are you a picnicker?  Let’s find a park or field that is close and maybe even special to you.  Want an urban shoot?  Cool.  My favorite pictures are taken in small towns.  Don’t be convinced that there needs to be a fantabulous building in the background.  Textured walls and alleys read really well in photos.  Dirty silos, flaking painted walls, empty streets…all make really great backdrops.  Besides, the focus is YOU.

What if it Rains?

Well, shoot.  I recommend contacting me the day of your session, to review the details.  If it is looking like the weather is too ugly for an outdoor shoot, and you don’t want an indoor session, I’m happy to reschedule with you.  If the sun isn’t shining, it could actually work in our favor.  Soft light is LOVELY in photos. *If we must cancel due to weather, and we cannot reschedule, I will refund your deposit.

How do I book a session, and what are the payment terms?

Contact me with the timeframe you’d like your photos taken.  Once we’ve set a date and time, please submit a $50 deposit within 7 days.  This holds your spot on my calendar.  The remainder of your session fee is due on the day of your session.  I accept local personal checks and cash.  If you’re out of town,  I can invoice you through Paypal. Click here to find out more about pricing.

What should I bring?

Snacks.  No kiddin’.  I’ve never seen a child who wasn’t driven by food 🙂  If your littles are anxious during the session, let’s get some candids of them with their favorite snack.  Believe me, you’ll want photos of those chubba cheeks doing what they do best.  Feel free to bring props.  What things are special to you?  A favorite quilt, the hand-knit booties from Nana, tutus, trucks.  A favorite storybook.  Cupcakes.  (just had to slip that in there)

What’s the best time of day to photograph?

Indoor sessions are best in the morning/afternoon.  This is great for natural light.  All I need is a window in the room, and we’ll work it out.  Outdoor sessions are best right after sunrise, and in the evening, right before sunset.  I’m just going to throw it out there, I LOVE sunset.  Sun flare is very peaceful and lovely, and the warm light is extremely flattering.

When and How will I receive my photos?

I like to allow 2 weeks for a regular session, and up to 8 weeks for a special event.  You have your choice of CD or USB stick to receive your high-resolution, digital images.  You’ll receive written permission to print any of your received images for personal use.  You are welcome to use them for digital personal use on Facebook and social media sites.  I do ask that you give me a photo credit shout out, if you’re a blogger or are using them on your website.  *Contact me for commercial photography release.

How do you select which photos I receive?

My standards are high.  I’ll select the best shots, best lighting, and most flattering poses for you.  I fully-edit them to make sure the lighting is right, your clothing tag isn’t sticking out, baby’s boogie isn’t visible, etc.  My main focus is making sure you’re pleased, so rest assured I’ll take care of you.

Can I edit my photos?

Please do not edit your final images in any way, except for basic cropping for printing set-up.  If you have an image that I didn’t include a black & white file and you need one, contact me.  I’m happy to retouch up to 5 photos within one year from your session date.  I retain all rights to images from your session.

Where should I print my photos?

This is key.  You’ve invested in a beautiful collection.  Treat it kindly.  I recommend or another professional photo printer. Big box stores just don’t have the color and finish quality of a business who specializes in handling photography.  I am also happy to offer canvas wraps, prints on wood, and photo gifts.  Contact me for pricing.

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